Cruise the highway with music – On a motorcycle

A lot of people love the romantic idea of cruising down an empty road on a motorcycle, wind blowing their hair, on a V-twin engine cruiser motorcycle.

However, while many motorists consider the switch from car to motorcycle for this very reason, the reality is a little different. Practically speaking, motorcycles are far less capable than even a tiny hatchback. They can’t carry more than a single passenger, lack any significant storage space outside theĀ under-seat storage, and require you to wear appropriate gear and hope that the weather is good.

However, truly passionate motorcyclists don’t dwell on these inconveniences. The joy of riding down a highway outweighs the practicality of driving a car.

One thing, however, that many motorcyclists miss out on is the fun of listening to their favorite soundtrack or radio on those longer journeys. Car owners and Truckers alike know how much their experience is improved with the simple addition of some great tunes.

Now this luxury can be enjoyed by motorcycle owners, thanks to the relatively new introduction of motorcycle stereos.

How do they work? First of all, it’s important to realize they are no different to your ordinary car stereo, but obviously set up to work with a motorcycle. The main component is the stereo itself, which connects to the motorbike’s battery. This features an auxillary sound input which any sound outputting peripherals, like headphones or speakers, can connect to.

They are slightly different to your car stereo in two ways. They work at a reduced voltage in line with the smaller battery used by motorcycles. Secondly, they are much smaller so that they can be accommodated by the limited space available to motorbikes.

To enjoy sound on your motorcycle, you’ll need speakers in addition to your stereo. You can findĀ speakers that are compact enough to be mounted on your handlebars using special clamps. Why not take a look at these motorcycle stereo systems at Elswick Cycles, to get an idea of what is available out there?